Women SPARK S.T.E.M. Careers at Texas State

The science, technology, engineering and math fields have often lacked gender diversity when it comes to women participation. One way Texas State has helped solve this problem within the STEM field is through programs like SPARK.

Susan Romanella, the program director for SPARK at Texas State explains reasons why these programs come about.


SPARK was first created two years ago in hopes of increasing the number of women graduating with degrees in STEM. Their mission is quite simple: increase female participation in the STEM field.

Romanella talks about what Texas State is doing through SPARK to solve the problem.


SPARK students are awarded a $10,000 scholarship for two years and are provided the resources needed in order to further develop themselves. The students are placed in a learning environment where they can collaborate with one another and meet students who share the same passion for STEM that they do.

Hailey Stirneman, a sophomore and mathematics major at Texas State University, is now able to get the help she needs because of SPARK.


It’s programs like SPARK that help women majoring in the STEM field at Texas State get hands-on experience.

Stirneman has an internship this summer in hopes of furthering her skills and work ethic within the S.T.E.M. field.


Students like Stirneman are able to grow, network and build themselves through SPARK.


SPARK continues to help students everyday and provide change when it comes to women participation in the STEM program.

If you would like to find out information about SPARK or are interested in applying, visit their website.


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