What is Art? Part 2: I find out first hand…


I decided to visit Ralph.

Once I got to the Planet K location where Ralph lives in exile, I was surprised at what I saw. Even for a junked vehicle, Ralph was in disrepair. The paint was chipping and faded. The cactus was suffering from blight, which was spreading. I even went inside to talk to the employees about the car and they were unaware Ralph had a name. The manager wasn’t even sure if Ralph was the Oldsmobile parked out front or the van that received the same treatment parked next to it.


It was at that moment I realized none of this was about the car.

These past seven years were never about the car. The issue at hand isn’t that the city of San Marcos denied Planet K the right to display a beat up vehicle on their property.

No, the reason for all the petitioning and court appearances is that a government agency is trying to impose a strict guideline on what can and cannot be considered art, and then what is “great art”. It’s about who is allowed to decide that what you created is art.

Shouldn’t it be the creator?

Excuse the cliche, but I think Ralph truly embodies the spirit of the old saying…


One man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure.


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