The Warehouse at Hays County Food Bank

curves-april-2010-smallWe’re all aware of how food banks help friends, families, and neighbors in need, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes?

As covered on March 11, Hays County Food Bank is a local San Marcos, Texas nonprofit organization that accepts donation products for hunger relief. One aspect of their organization that holds it all together is the warehouse.

Below is an inside view of the warehouse and how their facility operates.

Volunteers in the warehouse assist the operations manager and assistant manager in picking up food from local H-E-B stores.

Upon arrival to the warehouse, the food products are brought inside for weighing and sorting to check for signs of contamination or damaged goods. Food boxes or bags are then prepared for pick-up, loading and unloading vans.

Other tasks include sweeping, mopping, taking out trash and recycling, and general clean up of work areas.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, click here.


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