Testing Tuesdays

San Marcos, Texas— Every Tuesday during the months of February and April, Texas State University students, staff and faculty have the ability to get tested for HIV for free.

The PartySafe Campaign hosts the confidential and free Testing Tuesdays. The message of the campaign is, “Learning how to PartySafe means learning how to make smart decisions, including avoiding binge drinking, unprotected sex, as well as learning to make a plan to get home safely before a big night on the town.”FullSizeRender

Marsha Burns, senior grant specialist and director of the PartySafe Campaign, further explains what the campaign is about and the purpose for Testing Tuesdays.

So, why is it important to get tested?

No one is immune to HIV and every person is susceptible to contracting the sexually transmitted infection. Almost 60 percent of youth in America between the ages of 13-24 with HIV do not know they are infected. Furthermore, one in six students within the Texas State community have AIDS or are HIV positive.

There are around 660 who have reported and identified themselves as being HIV positive. However, that is probably not all inclusive because those are only the individuals who have actually reported and identified to the university about their HIV positive status.

Asia Rodriguez, graduate residence director and the OraQuick testing conductor for Testing Tuesdays, clarifies how HIV can be contracted and how everyone is vulnerable to contracting the virus.

The OraQuick test is a confidential and FDA approved oral swab. The tester simply swipes the gums of the individual taking the test. The results take only 20 minutes and are 99.9 percent accurate. It is one of the most efficient, accessible and accurate tests for HIV testing. The OraQuick kit includes: step-by-step instructions, an oral swab test stick and tube with solution, informational booklets on HIV and a package insert about the test.



For more information about the PartySafe campaign visit their website.

Click here for more information about the OraQuick testing kit and the process.


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