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Here is a peep into the lives of our staff members here at The Megaphone!



Howdy! My name is Jairus Popp. I am a 22-year-old student at Texas State University, pursuing a degree in Mass Communication with a specialization in Journalism, I enjoy writing to entertain and inform. I also enjoy the sight of feedback and a little bit of spotlight. I enjoy creating and managing social media profiles, something I might consider for a career. When I’m not writing and promoting, I am an insanely good cook, an active weightlifter, outdoorsman and a dad to a 60 pound pit bull named Kira. I typically spend my weekend bartending, blogging and getting into trouble, but not too much.


My name is Brie East. I study journalism and media studies, with plans to go into music and film journalism after I graduate. I’m also interested in design, creative writing and film making. Born in the great city of Houston, I have been interested in being a reporter ever since I watched Citizen Kane as a child. I currently work at the campus radio station, KTSW, as a blog contributor. I hope to study abroad and go to graduate school. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading, watching Netflix, contributing to my ever-growing vinyl record collection and hanging out with my two cats, Loki and Frank.


My name is Mackenzie Steger and I am a public relations major with a business minor at Texas State University. I will be graduating in May 2015. I am very much a people person; this is partly why I chose this particular field as my major. I enjoy getting together with friends in my down time. My friends and I like to exercise, watch movies or go shopping. I love anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors and cats. I was a camp counselor for two years and got the chance to go hiking and canoeing around the river in New Braunfels. Of my experiences, I like to take pictures and post them on my personal social media sites. I also like to live tweet my adventures in order for people to gain some insight on my experiences and learn more.


My name is Kathleen La Valley. I am 21 years old and a senior at Texas State University. I am majoring in public relations and minoring in fashion merchandising. I am also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and was an Associated Student Government Senator for three years. I was born in Long Beach, California, but raised in San Antonio, Texas. I’m passionate about fashion, technology, social media and travelling. My goals for the future are to move to New York City, work for a fashion publication or lifestyle public relations firm, accumulate a fabulously extensive wardrobe and travel around the world. My greatest loves are her family; her two dogs, Roni and Coco; Netflix and Starbucks Coffee. I have plans to study abroad during the summer to Spain and attend graduate school next fall. I will continue to pursue a career integrating public relations and fashion, upon my graduation in May.


Hi, I’m Jason Kowalski. I’m an Electronic Media major at Texas State University with a minor in music in my final year of my undergraduate study. I enjoy watching less than common sports (T20 Cricket, Curling, Rugby, ect), going longboarding, playing disc golf, and playing all kinds of tabletop games (board games, trading card games, miniature games, pen-and-paper role playing games—basically nerd games). I’m also a multi-instrumentalist and a hobby music producer. I’m a huge fan of social media and believe it is the future of communication between business and consumer. I am currently an intern for Press Junkie PR, a music and entertainment public relations firm based in Austin, Texas.


My name is Lorenzo Almanza and I am from Dallas, Texas. I currently attend Texas State University where I am majoring in print journalism with a minor in political communication. My graduation date is May 2015. After I graduate I hope to work as a sports reporter for a newspaper organization somewhere. I have interned at various media markets including the San Marcos Record and on my campus’ newspaper and radio station as a reporter for both outlets. I recently have been writing articles, blogs and columns for Isportsweb and also just started helping out with a site called Sports Journal. In my spare time I enjoy reading the latest news headlines, playing sports with my friends and going on adventures while seeing what life has to offer. You can follow me on Twitter at LorenzoAlmanza2.

IMG_6890Hey!! My name is Stephanie Figueroa but I go by Stephie, I am currently a student at Texas State University. I was raised in El Paso and transferred to attend school here with my twin sister Valerie. I am majoring in Electronic media with a minor in media studies. I am a senior and will be graduating this May 2015, finally! My big thing is music. I love music and any chance I get I check out the great music that Austin always has to offer. I have had the privilege of meeting many great artists and talented people. To relax and get my mind off work and school I run or do yoga. I hope to become a news anchor for an alternative news source or would love to work with music covering events such as Coachella or SXSW just to name a few.

IMG_6910Hi there, my name is Alexandra Garcia but to most, my nickname is Ally. Born and raised as a Houstonian, the peacefulness of being in a small town really lured me towards San Marcos, TX. As a senior at Texas State University, I am working towards a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and minor in Business Administration. Recently interning for a second year with SXSW as a Volunteer Coordinator, I originally interned within the Tech department with the intention towards moving up to event planning. Growing up with nerdy IT family members greatly helped me get my foot in the door towards having the opportunity to offer and improve my technological skills. Being a part of SXSW ignited my strong passion and interest towards being a part of a large corporation that not only expresses an international range of new ideas but can play a large role in changing the world. Aside from my studies and job aspirations, I am an avid Pinterest recipe adventurist, and adrenaline junkie with various recreational hobbies from kayaking to archery.

IMG_6844My name is Camden Scarborough, and I am a junior Journalism and Music dual major at Texas State University. I play the Trombone in several ensembles in the school of music and even get some freelance work in Austin and San Antonio. I’m partial to jazz, and eventually I want to make a career out of writing music reviews and criticism, as well as my own individual research projects. When I’m not in school, I’m usually lifeguarding or goofing off with my friends. I love the outdoors, and will take any chance I can to go hiking or mountain biking, or anything in the water, whether it is a lake or a river.

JaxI’m Jax Stafford and I’m a filmmaker, video journalist and web designer based in Austin, Texas. I am working on my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media and I have an Associate’s Degree in Journalism. I freelance as a commercial and event videographer and I’m currently one of the producers of a YouTube series called “Texas Food Crawlers.” I’m not really sure why everything I do seems to revolve around food. Outside of work and school, I like scuba diving, jogging, reading, drawing and photography and I’m particularly obsessed with science and technology. And food.

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