Hays County Food Bank fulfills community needs in San Marcos

San Marcos, Texas— Hays County Food Bank volunteers lined up with bundles of food pressed against their chest to load up a cargo van for another distribution. In Hays County, their mission is to feed hungry people and decrease hunger in the community.

On Feb. 25, volunteer coordinator for Hays County Food Bank Jim Wagner agreed to voice his role with the food bank and how anyone in the community can get involved. Among many tasks, Wagner manages all elements of volunteering, responsible for managing numerous groups within the organization.

Hays County Food Bank is a local nonprofit organization that collects then distributes food and grocery products for hunger relief. Food often comes from various sources in the food industry to the food pantry from grocery stores and wholesalers to many local food places such as Golden Chick and Dixie Cream Donuts that have extra products to give away – food that could otherwise be thrown away. There are six various food pantry distributions from San Marcos stretching out to Wimberley.

The food that is stored within their facilities is sorted, packed and re-distributed to the community with help of volunteers. According to the Hays County Food Bank website, “In 2013, volunteers donated more than 18,000 hours of time” to the nonprofit. A one-hour orientation session must be completed before working at the food bank. Sessions are held on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. and Fridays at 11 a.m. in their main office at 220 Herndon Street.

The food bank continues to make an impact for locals that struggle with food insecurity. On average, 50 to 75 of the food bank’s clients show up at each distribution while receiving additional services other than food.

Residents who are in need can pick up fresh and packaged food products by visiting their distribution location. Locals can visit the food bank’s pantry schedule here. Hays County Food Bank encourages anyone interested in helping out to attend their events, donate or volunteer.

To find out more information, you can visit their website.


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