Dub Academy: Producing Austin’s Next DJs

Festivals instead of recitals? Clubs instead of concert halls? Kids these days are learning a new style of music, much different from the classical piano or violin lessons.

Dub Academy is a nonprofit school dedicated to teaching anyone interested in the art of DJ’ing, as well as music production and other forms of electronic art.

Founded by Barrington Miles, Dub Academy currently offers over 10 courses. Whether it’s mastering the turntable or taking music theory, Dub Academy provides the opportunity to learn skills that many of the famous artists of today had to teach themselves.

“Everyone likes music to some extent,” said Laurie Lyons, The Assistant Director at Dub Academy. “I really like being able to bring a program to kids that don’t have an interest in sports or other organizations.”

Lyons, who started working at Dub Academy in January 2014, is one of the many staff members at Dub Academy. From directors to teachers, interns to volunteers, the academy itself stands by its motto “Old School Philosophy with New School Technology.”

Dub Academy is one of the few places certified to instruct Ableton, a complex music production program. This, and many other high tech inventions such as Serato Scratch Live, drum machines, and synthesizers are common classroom tools.

“Right now I’m mainly working on my Ableton skills,” said Liam McLellan, an aspiring DJ and student at Dub Academy. “I’m excited about posting my work on SoundCloud for others to hear.”

Liam McLellan, a stuendt at Dub Academy, working on one of his latest songs.

Liam McLellan, a student at Dub Academy, working on one of his latest songs.

There is no age limit at Dub Academy, and students range from eight to 65-years-old. Many of Dub Academy’s alumni have gone on to produce and write, adding to the thousands of artists worthy of attention on SoundCloud, a host for musicians. Some alumni, such as Tanner Brown, have gone on to perform with nationally renowned artists such as Rusko, Yung Joc, and even Austin’s own Drip Drop.

Dub Academy is kept alive by their generous sponsors such as RANE DJ and Dos EQUIS XX and partnerships with foundations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Canopy Austin. The goal for 2015 is to provide free music classes to 500 teens in the greater Austin are through their various programs.

Donations can be given to Dub Academy at www.razoo.com/story/Dub-Academy

The Dub Academy is located 906 E. 5th St Suite 109, Austin, Texas.

For more information, you can visit http://www.dubacademy.com



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